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Iboba Two Column System Roulette-Bet
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Iboba Two Column System

This thought provoking strategy is part of our Winning systems for Dozens and Columns feature.

As have pointed earlier that I believe that the base
of this method is long run winning bettor simply
HG…………..BASE BET;3 columns should alternate
at the start before start playing.

–Always follow last 2 columns with corresponding colors,ex;
–columns 1-2 + black……3 bets
–columns 1-3 + red………3 bets
–columns 2-3-without a color…..2 bets….ex;

33…..trigger for playing next bet on columns 2-3…..1 unit each/unit 5 chips/
16…..trigger for playing next bet on columns 1-2 + black…1 unit each
24…..trigger for playing next bet on columns 1-3 + red……1 unit each

This is a base bet……When you lose 1 unit…..rise next bet for 1 chip on all bets.
When you lose 3 units…rise your next bet for 3 chips.
When you win 2 units..reduce your next bet for 2 chips.

–Actually it’s a flat bet in units,but it only requires balanced chip progression.
–Whenever you win in balanced chip mode,put that win aside and forget about it,
as these chip winning will be your win at the end of night session play.
—There are some more tweaks to this bet,of which will talk about after some
of you guys test this on the longer basis….say several full sessions of about 450 spins.
I did personally tested it,am playing it presently,but would like you to do so,as thatway
we can continue discussing this matter further.
Just to remind you this is one of the most leveled bets I found in roulette combos.


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I have read your “way”,or your “strategy”… and well.
If you back 1&2 and black, the 8 reds of the 3th column will kill you if playing in a “on prison” rule table.

If you back 1&2 and RED, only 4 blacks will wipe you 3 units, instead of 8 reds…
At last the maths are slight different… always against us…
Your third column cost you -28 units if backing 1&2 and black, while backing 1&2 and RED it will cost you only -20 (I’m talking about utility).
Of course backing 1&2 and black will provide you a “utility of +28 (in the 1&2 columns), instead of the +20 (in the 1&2 columns) provided by 1&2+RED.
Zero do the rest.
At the end, if you aren’t playing in a table with “in prison” rule, the results are the same, but if you do, then is much more better 1&3 AND RED.


There are many possibilities for betting 2 columns together, while any of 2 are alternating,but as far as may long tests and real play shows the best and safest way is as mentioned in my previous posts.

–THE QUESTION;how to avoid lose of 3 units,but instead only losing 1 unit?

It goes like as follows:
–While betting columns 1-2+black….stay on these columns and black while blacks are streaking in these 2 columns……when red spins in these 2 columns…..next bet same columns with red….and if red spins again……stop betting until it jumps to column 3……expecting streaks of red/possible in column 3/

–Same procedure with columns 1-3 + red……reversed.

–This is a tweak I have maded to this bet,and so far it works successfully.

Cheers……..and good luck with this…actually you will not need any luck betting on this………..it wins constantly

PS: Almost forgot to mention……the REASON why this method wins on the long run.Cause I haven’t seen such leveled bet in roulette game as yet… Meaning that your winnings will be mostly from these chips I have mentioned
at the start of this thread.


8—-c2 next bet 1u on each of c2 & c3
15—c3 win. repeat previous bet………………………………………………..W 1 UNIT W 1 CHIP
13—c1 loss. next bet is on c1 & c3 & red – but should this be 6 units? ….L 2 UNITS L 2 CHIPS..next bet
2–…1 un.col.1–1un.col 3 + 1 un.red + 2 chips on each bet L 3 UN. L 6 CHIPS..next bet
35–1 un.col 1–1-un col 2 + 1 un. black + 3 chips on each bet  W 2 UN. W 6 CH..next bet same-ch.2×3
1………………..Egal……and so on….think it’s enough to grasp this.

–when lose rise as many as you lost on all next events…BUT IN CHIPS
–base bet is in units 1 unit= 5 CHIPS
–therefore in starting bet units,allways flat bet,but rising and reducing in chips.

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