Royal Panda roulette

The Russian slot machine trick

This case is believed to be connected with individuals in Russia and begins some eight years ago back in 2009. It is alleged that a team of four working in tandem could net upwards of $250,000 in a single week and all through playing slot machines in various Casinos all over the world. The trick […]

The Ritz roulette computer cheat

The Ritz Club roulette room The roulette fraud involved a trio from Hungary and Siberia in 2004 of math-wizzes that were able to take about $2 million from a casino in London named the Ritz Casino. The absolutely great thing about it all was even though they were caught they got to keep every single […]

Casino cheat: Infrared Contact Lens

An Italian who rob the casinos instead of letting them rob him. This method is somewhat of an older strategy using more new style technology it really is a mix of worlds that makes it really unique and not like any others before it. It all happened in France 2013 in a casino at the […]

The Cigarette Pack roulete manipulation

An ingenious casino cheat This cheat was extremely advanced. It took place in 1973 and in France. A roulette dealer who was an intelligent radio expert decided to build himself a radio transmitter that was built straight into a cigarette packet, super extraordinary for its time. It took place in a casino named Deauville that […]

Simple Roulette Chip Cheat

This technique consisted of 50-70 people who used this technique. They actually used this primarily in Ohio casinos even though most of the criminal group where from New York City. In this case I think the downfall of this was that there were just far too many people doing it and that itself made it […]

The greatest Casino scam: Roselli brothers

The guys who stole money from the casinos The casinos rob us, yet there is always an exception. These guys stole millions from the casinos and got away with it. This scam was truly one of the best ones in history primarily because they were actually never caught and their identity was never discovered. This […]