Royal Panda roulette

7 High stakes roulette players with huge wins/losses

Professional roulette players and successful roulette attacks are not fiction. They do exists and there are very well documented. Here we will take a look at 7 high stakes roulette players, their great wins and bad losses. Roulette High rollers with huge wins Mike Ashley Mike Ashely is the owner of the football club Newcastle […]

Love at first bet: my casino romance story with luck

Love at first bet She said her name was Lucky. I didn’t really believe her but I didn’t really care what her name was either. She was beautiful and she had a great sense of humor and I was standing in a casino and I needed luck. People had been claiming to have lucky charms […]

Why Canadians Love Casinos

There are numerous answers to the question in our title and here we will discuss many of the reasons why. As always when it comes to gambling, you need to be aware of your limits and seek help if it begins to affect your finances or relationships with those around you. In Canada, you must […]

Roulette in motion pictures

Gambling, as an activity, is pervasive in human activity, so it is no wonder it often plays a part, big or small, in the entertainment industry. While major films focus on games of chance based on cards or dice, or games of skill based on pool cues or darts, not to mention the far more […]

Casino etiquette

If you are visiting a casino for the first time, it can be a really confusing place. Most of the casinos are large and have a lot of open space. You seem to be the odd one out because everyone in the in the casino has the exact idea of what they are doing. You, […]

13 evil ways casinos rob you

Table of contents 1. You must lose 2. You may not be paid 3. Lies 4. They know you 5. Not even investors win 6. Gambling is a drug 7. Casinos love newbies 8. Casinos exploit the elderly 9. The “Experience” 10. Casinos are lobbing hard 11. Roulette Scoreboard 12. Gambling un-regulation 13. Betting Systems […]

The top 7 Casinos in the world

The world is a smaller place today than what it was 100 years ago. Communications, means of transportation and globalization have made everything closer and easier to reach. For gamblers, this means that you can have action within minutes around the corner anywhere on planet Earth. Needless to say, that the Internet allows them to […]