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4 Betting Systems on Dozens and Columns

Betting on Dozens and Columns is great. There are so many combinations on can use to beat the roulette. Bet only one Dozen or two dozens or Two dozens and two Columns simultaneously or even… Well, the possibilities are limitless. Follow the last two dozens that hit? Or bet for the sleeper column and the […]

How to win with 2 Columns and 2 Dozens

The below presumes that you are already familiar with the LABOUCHERE betting strategy. THE FOLLOWING TEXT instructs you in how to handle two-dozens betting with ANY Labouchere similar strategy and is not intended to be a complete description of a system. You have to supply a Labouchere you like – negative (ordinary) or positive (reversed) […]

Reverse Labby for double Columns and Dozens

THIS IS ONE SOLUTION on how to bet the Reversed Labouchere, when you want to do it on 2 dozens or columns at the same time. Of course there are more ways to bet. Let your experience, imagination and creativity guide you. | This articles presumes you are already familiar with Labouchere betting method and Reverse […]

Doozy Dozen / column roulette system

THIS IS A HIT-AND-RUN SYSTEM for quick win or loss. It can be applied on dozens, columns or both at the same time. I know the are too many roulette players that LOVE to bet on dozens and columns. They reason for this is that they offer a nice compromise between adrenalin and safety. They […]

Iboba Two Column System

This thought provoking strategy is part of our Winning systems for Dozens and Columns feature. As have pointed earlier that I believe that the baseof this method is long run winning bettor simplyHG…………..BASE BET;3 columns should alternateat the start before start playing. –Always follow last 2 columns with corresponding colors,ex;–columns 1-2 + black……3 bets–columns 1-3 […]