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Should you have a Stop Loss?

What is stop loss? Stop loss is the absolute or relative (as percentage of some other parameter) limit you pose on your losses. After the specified amount of loss is reached you stop. The point of stop loss is to minimize your losses or (in special cases) to preserve your profits. There are various opinions […]

How to play online roulette safely.

Want to play roulette online? Well, pull your socks up, and put yourself in a spin to win. Though, it’s a matter of luck and a tad strategy, but once you’re at it, you feel a dragon’s blood in your veins, and you relish each moment. People from all walks of life believe that roulette […]

Don’t be a fool: 8 smart tips to survive at Roulette

The first step to win at roulette is to not lose. Never forget that. Because very often going for the big win can be disastrous, while staying away for the big loss can be a better attitude and can actually make you a profit. Man, as you know is an intelligent animal. He is a […]

7 High stakes roulette players with huge wins/losses

Professional roulette players and successful roulette attacks are not fiction. They do exists and there are very well documented. Here we will take a look at 7 high stakes roulette players, their great wins and bad losses. Roulette High rollers with huge wins Mike Ashley Mike Ashely is the owner of the football club Newcastle […]

Casino etiquette

If you are visiting a casino for the first time, it can be a really confusing place. Most of the casinos are large and have a lot of open space. You seem to be the odd one out because everyone in the in the casino has the exact idea of what they are doing. You, […]

The psychological aspects of gambling

The psychology of gambling is something that most people would not want to wonder about. Even a majority of the gamblers at casino do not care much about the gambling psychology. However, there is lot to this psychology than a normal person would think of. Actually, there is much more to gambling psychology than just […]

The 9 tribes of gamblers

They all want to try their luck? But each one is different. There are so many different reasons, mentalities, systems and aspirations connected with gambling as there are gamblers. There are so many types of gambler, but which one are you? To some gambling is a hobby or a form of entertainment. For a select […]

Becoming a professional roulette player.

Spanish roulette player Garcia-Pelayo is an example of the hard work and discipline of a pro gambler. Gamblers are the glamor of the 21st century; they’ve no time clock, no boss, and no employees; all they’ve is a sharp mind and mesmerizing personality that make them stand out among the crowds. They’ve the talent, and […]

13 evil ways casinos rob you

Table of contents 1. You must lose 2. You may not be paid 3. Lies 4. They know you 5. Not even investors win 6. Gambling is a drug 7. Casinos love newbies 8. Casinos exploit the elderly 9. The “Experience” 10. Casinos are lobbing hard 11. Roulette Scoreboard 12. Gambling un-regulation 13. Betting Systems […]