Royal Panda roulette

J. Kennedy's betting on High Low (test)

CAN YOU WIN WITH EVEN MONEY BETS? I had many email inquiries asking if they could win even money bets using my system of play. I told them all, “no!” Before examining “even money bets” I did not believe you could win with any of the even money bet systems that were out there. My […]

Tracking the even Chances

For about 1 month I have thought of a unique way to record the deviations of the Ecs with a way that has never thought of before. This way is based on the concept of the deviation balance (Marigny etc). I m sure that Ego (that is an Ecs deviation guru will love this and […]

Imbalance strategy

This particular concept has been presented before by me and others, but rather than wake up a sleeping dog, I think I’ll just start a new topic. There are at least two ideas used to develop most systems. First is the concept of trends. Everybody knows that there are trends in roulette. The problem is […]

Dealer’s signature. Can dealers shoot a wheel sector?

What is Dealers Signature? Casino dealers often fall into their own natural rhythm when they deal. The ball will tend to spin around the roulette wheel the same number of times as it did on previous spins. Therefore, it should land approximately the same number of pockets from where the dealer picked up the ball. […]

The best roulette betting systems and strategies.

There are over 100 million pages about “casino” on the World Wide Web. There is a lot of noise about gambling and especially roulette. The internet is full of useless jabber and incoherent ideas. We are flooded with the same “basics”, “tips” and “systems” again and again, from sites that are there just for advertising […]