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REVERSED LABOUCHERE (or Reversed Labby or American cancellation system or…) is a pen-and-paper accounting system. You need pen and paper for this one but that is OK with most casinos. Some will only let you use their score-cards but that doesn’t matter, as long as it is a piece of paper… It is in all […]

Reverse Labby for double Columns and Dozens

THIS IS ONE SOLUTION on how to bet the Reversed Labouchere, when you want to do it on 2 dozens or columns at the same time. Of course there are more ways to bet. Let your experience, imagination and creativity guide you. | This articles presumes you are already familiar with Labouchere betting method and Reverse […]

5 betting systems based on Labouchere

This is a deep and detailed study of the Labouchere roulette strategy that took its name from Englishman Henry Du Pré Labouchère. In this page we will present the Main Labouchere method. This will be the basis that you should understand perfectly before going into the next chapters where we will explain interesting variations of […]

D' Alembert progression for roulette

Jean Le Rond d’Alembert (1717-1783) was a French mathematician, physicist and and music theorist. D’Alembert’s formula for obtaining solutions to the wave equation is named after him. D’Alembert progression is a money management type of roulette system that can be found in many flavors, all having in common that you add and subtract a fixed […]

Dealer’s SIGNATURE System (Croupier Tracking)

I very soon realized that the roulette dealers of Spielbank Hamburg were rotating rather often. Too often for my taste; the 17,510 croupiers I have filed (Sept 1998 to Nov 2000) stayed on average for 14.6 spins – 256,184 spins in total! This calls for a way to find signatures very quickly and below is […]

Doozy Dozen / column roulette system

THIS IS A HIT-AND-RUN SYSTEM for quick win or loss. It can be applied on dozens, columns or both at the same time. I know the are too many roulette players that LOVE to bet on dozens and columns. They reason for this is that they offer a nice compromise between adrenalin and safety. They […]

Dealer signature reference table

This is the reference table of the results by applying the Dealer’s Signature System.It shows 50 roulette dealers. Bet u, Won u, Net u and Net % and accumulated results. | Read: the theory behind the Dealer’s Signature | Roulette dealers of Spielbank Hamburg investigated: from September 1st 1998 to November 30th 2000. 17,510 croupiers […]

10 famous roulette systems to AVOID!

“All mathematicians agree that roulette is an unbeatable game in the long run. Yet, this hasn’t stopped people from constantly trying to figure out systems to “beat roulette”. Although the systems in this list are a great proof of human ingenuity and mathematical knowledge, none is able to actually produce consistent profits. So what’s the […]

Bias detector

The purpose and aim of this method was to detect as early as possible any sort of bias in the wheel, and get on the good numbers before they came out. Going through 100’s of old scorecards, there were certain trends that I noticed, prior to certain numbers coming out on good runs. What I […]

Simple progression

First of all, my thanks to Tomla021 for sharing this 4 step bet method with me. It’s not invincible, but it has been holding strong so far and still much better than your average system. We start with 4 units and we use them to win 4 more units. It’s a very clever positioning of […]