Royal Panda roulette

Roulette in motion pictures

Gambling, as an activity, is pervasive in human activity, so it is no wonder it often plays a part, big or small, in the entertainment industry. While major films focus on games of chance based on cards or dice, or games of skill based on pool cues or darts, not to mention the far more […]

4 Betting Systems on Dozens and Columns

Betting on Dozens and Columns is great. There are so many combinations on can use to beat the roulette. Bet only one Dozen or two dozens or Two dozens and two Columns simultaneously or even… Well, the possibilities are limitless. Follow the last two dozens that hit? Or bet for the sleeper column and the […]

13 classic and new Roulette systems to win big

As the site grows bigger there is the need to compress and categorize and organize the content. This page represents my attempt to present you with a full list of all the roulette systems, strategies and bet selections you can find on Roulette-Bet. They range from the obvious to the absurd and from the “Losing […]

Top 6 Online Casino Tips for Beginners

About Online Casino The online casino sector is an ever-growing sector. Though it defies the traditional casino setup, various sites offer glitz and glamor that one generally finds in the casinos of Las Vegas. These are perhaps the perfect alternative to the traditional casinos as they let you experience the same amount of excitement and […]

Casino etiquette

If you are visiting a casino for the first time, it can be a really confusing place. Most of the casinos are large and have a lot of open space. You seem to be the odd one out because everyone in the in the casino has the exact idea of what they are doing. You, […]

The psychological aspects of gambling

The psychology of gambling is something that most people would not want to wonder about. Even a majority of the gamblers at casino do not care much about the gambling psychology. However, there is lot to this psychology than a normal person would think of. Actually, there is much more to gambling psychology than just […]

How to win at the casino

Roulette! Is it a game of chance? Well, yes and no – exactly. If you’re playing blind, then of course, it’s all about chance and luck. However, if you learn some strong-arm tactics, and perceive its highs and lows, you can turn its chances in your favor, big time. Therefore, all in all, it depends. […]

The Canon System

  Your win target is 70 units. As soon as you have won 70 units or more you stop that sessions play. Your loss limit is 100 units. As soon as you have lost 100 units or more you stop that sessions play. Your bank level during play will obviously be varying depending on if […]

How to win with 2 Columns and 2 Dozens

The below presumes that you are already familiar with the LABOUCHERE betting strategy. THE FOLLOWING TEXT instructs you in how to handle two-dozens betting with ANY Labouchere similar strategy and is not intended to be a complete description of a system. You have to supply a Labouchere you like – negative (ordinary) or positive (reversed) […]

Win with Reverse Labuchere and Stop loss

We will discuss some ideas for a variation of the REVERSED LABOUCHERE positive (or mixed) progression betting scheme, with a “stop-loss handler”. This handling of the line has the benefit of telling you when you have lost too many wins to continue, if you want to save some. Also; this system does not suffer from […]